Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting for Godot

Actually I'm waiting for Walker, the electrician.  The plug he put in behind this chair is the plug I asked him to and it's just not working. I plug in my laptop and, in a few hours, it turns off because the battery is dead... huh?  I look and, sure enough, the plug has fallen out of the wall socket - again.  Plus, I want him to check to see how many BTUs I can handle if I have to replace the air conditioner.

Replacing the air conditioner seems a rather moot point these days as it has cooled off again really nicely.

Right now the thermometer by my chair says 66 degrees.  Perfect for me.

I finally got the photos from my old Flickr account downloaded with all their details (dates and stuff) and next is uploading them and closing down that old account.  Then I'm going to get serious about organizing the remaining account.  I have nearly 6 thousand photos in it and way more than half are totally tossed in the shoebox.  If I want to find a particular one, I am toast.  It will be a nice little long term project.

I've been meaning to do it for a long time but really couldn't get too serious about it as long as Yahoo's fate was in the wind.  But, now that there's a serious driver in the driver's seat and she has clearly put some elves on the Flickr project, I feel like it's truly worth the effort.

Then I have my swimming lesson today.  I did some research last night to figure out what I wanted to cover - breathing, kicking, strokes and body position and then anything else he's got.  Alvin is the Goldilocks of trainers.  When he's focused and on task he's very very good and otherwise, he's a dud.  He gets all distracted and is worthless.  Lately he's been at his best. I hope that lasts through this afternoon.

I finally got Cash by gmail going and yeah!  First of all, it's easy and first of all, it's free.  At least for now.  I'll be able to use it for Chef Anita which will be very cool because I will be able to pay her with Discover Card (cash back!!) and not have to write out a check and she'll have the money in her bank account before she gets home!  (Her bill is groceries plus labor and so I don't get the bill till she gets here and it varies as much as $25-50 a time.)

The Mariner game is at 4 but after last night's 5th loss in a row and a handing the Angels a 12 run shutout, I'm not too enthused about watching another hatchet job.

But I probably will.
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