Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The payoff

20130519_132922.jpgI went to Part Deux of the mosaic class today and it was good.  Tedious but good.  It's muddy and messy but it was good to go through it all. I enjoyed the class and I think it was worth the time, effort and $$ and I think I'm done with mosaics.  Back to knitting for me.

We got done about 11:45 and I decided that it was haircut time. The woman who cut my hair last time - the cut I loved - was booked for a couple of hours and I didn't want to wait so I took the next available who was a woman with no personality.  I showed her pictures of what I wanted and she asked me it was clippers or scissors. I told her I didn't know or care as long as I got the look and suggested she asked Megan - 2 chairs down.  She didn't and I was getting annoyed.  The chair was too low for me to see in the mirror so finally I just decided not to worry about it.  If she fucked it up, she fucked it up.  Megan was her boss and I'd go show Megan and get the cut for free so I just sat back and relaxed.

She was actually very quick which I really appreciated and when I stood up and could see what she had done, she did fine. It's a lovely cut.

Then I went across the street to a place for breakfast. Because I was just 1, they put me at the counter which always pisses me off. I don't mind the counter option but option is the key word there.  Then the service was really slow and the place was noisey. I decided I could leave or just relax and go with the flow. I decided to stay and chill.  I ordered potato latkes, eggs and bacon (a combo that amused me) and when they finally came, it was inordinately fabulous.  Those where the best damn latkes I had ever ever ever had and they served it right with a little sour cream and a little applesauce.  Just delicious.

Patience paid off fine.  A quick stop for litter and then home and happy to be here.  I'm going to put some stuff away.  Put the folded laundry from yesterday away and then sit down and watch a movie or something.
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