Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

DOH squared

I have a love my Squeebox radio. It's an internet radio with some lovely features but mainly, I love the sound of it.  It makes NPR sound buttery and I love the richness it gives my music.  I have one in the bedroom that I use to wake me up with NPR on the radio and put me to sleep with music at night.

I can get Pandora on the radio and I like that but the new Google gives me some new stuff to play with.  (In fairness, Pandora has some stuff that Google doesn't - some music and some features.)  BUT the radio does not access Google.  Last night, it dawned on me that maybe I could plug the phone into the radio.  I got out an aux cable and plugged them together.

Nada.  No radio sound.  No phone sound.  Nothing.  Bummer.  I posted a question on a Squeezebox forum and used my little portable speaker for going to sleep music.

This morning I woke up and found the answer in an email from that forum.

Turns out, if you plug the phone into the aux jack - in the back - as opposed to the headphone jack on the side - it works great. Problem solved and I can deal with feeling stupid.


This morning I go back to mosaic class to grout up my mirror.  Angie, the instructor, sets it up so that at the end of today, you can take your project home.  Soup to nuts.  It's why I picked her class.  (The other mosaic place in town does the grouting for you and you pick up your work the following week.)

The class should be over by about noon and I might go get a haircut and I might just come on home.  Traffic this weekend is particularly gnarly in town so I might just get my ass home and stay here. I can get my hair cut tomorrow after swimming.


I got an email yesterday - 2 actually - from my health insurance telling me I had new electronic messages.  This is not normal. I've never gotten one unless I specifically sent a question. So, freaked, I ran to their slower than Christmas website.  There were two messages and both said 'you have a new claim - see 'claims' section'.  WTF?  This is new.  They have never announced a 'claim' like this before.  Maybe they rejected something.  I go to 'claims' only to find

"This section is undergoing maintenance. Come back later."

That was yesterday - message is still there today.  I appreciate my health insurance and I will be soooooo glad to dump their sorry asses next March when I turn 65.


I sometimes get cramps in my hands and feet.  Sometimes I get really bad cramps in the muscle that runs along the top of my right foot.  It's been giving me fits for several days now.  Finally, this morning, I decided to rub in some arnica gel which I honestly don't believe works but several people I know swear by it for muscle cramps.  An hour later, it really is better.  I would love to be really wrong about this.


I just heard a bunch of sirens - fire sirens outside.  I went to the fire department website to their 911 realtime link.  Fire at 1201 1st Ave.  Google shows me that's the Pyramid Ale House across from the Mariners' stadium.  Back to the 911 link and the green (current incident) had turned to blue (closed incident) so fire must be out.

I did all of this from my bed.  I have said it before and I'll say it again.  I love living in the future!!!
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