Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A new venture

This morning I start my two day ceramic mosaic class. Today is 9:30-2:30 and tomorrow is 9:30-12:30. The class is held in the instructor's home.  Her home is about 15 mins from here except a key piece of the highway that is the direct route is closed for the weekend.  So now it's about 20 minutes from here.  It's a pack your own lunch deal so I'll let the coffee shop downstairs make me a sandwich.

I have a little more than an hour before I really need to be out the door.  I am sorry that I'm going to miss two baseball games this weekend. The Mariners are playing in Cleveland and the games have a 10 am first pitch.  Oh well.

As one deeply embedded in the Google-verse, I'm still exploring the bascillion new features and toys that we were handed this week. Since I have no patience for sitting through videos, and Google loves to use videos to show you how to do stuff, there's a lot of figuring out stuff on my own.  Kind of fun, actually.


Twice recently we've had people come into our condo garage, rip a fire extinguisher off the wall and smash a car window with it.  Once it was in the middle of the night and yesterday it was between 10:30 am and 1 pm. Everyone is having a fit.  The garage and the building are behind locks. Sure, people and cars allow tailgating even though they are begged not to.  But, condo people are generally assholes and lazy.  But also demanding.   Everyone is just beside themselves with OH my!  We need to hire guards.  We need to have cameras everywhere recording 24/7.  Are we even safe?????!!!!  Whatever are we going to do????

People!  We live in the inner city.  Crime happens. You do what you can. You try. Most times it works. I know when I forget my key, there is no fucking way I can get in this building.  Sometimes it doesn't.  Get Fucking Over It or move to the San Juan Islands.  Actually, some of you?  Move anyway.  I've had enough of you.

Scott, the Building Manager, is ON IT.  He's having the time of his life. He's like the Patriot Act.  He's taken on entitlements as the Front Line Of Defense For The Safety Of The Building.  I think the guy is a great manager and I don't begrudge him his testosterone frenzy. I'm just amused.  Times of crisis people!!!


Betty wants more breakfast.
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