Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Have you ever heard of something called web page?

It was 1994. I was winding down my 15 years at IBM. They had moved my Seattle job to Arizona and I had less than no desire to follow. I had falled in love with Seattle.  There was actually a couple of months at the end where I really had precious little to do.  I hung out at the library next door or played with the computer on my desk.

I had recently hooked into an ISP and was trying to figure out what the fuck it was.  I was also active in the old electronic bulletin boards.  I couldn't access any of it from work but I could plan what I was going to do when I got home.

I had landed a new job - working for Bob Silver who had, at the time, a tiny boutique PR agency down the street from IBM.  We agreed on a 3 month trial to start as soon as my IBM gig ended.

I had found a magazine called Internet World and one Friday night, after work, I was reading an article about how a father and his 9 year old actually built a web page.  WTF??  If a 9 year old could do it...  By Monday - with the patient help of geeky guys on the ebbs and at my ISP - I had built my first webpage. (Sadly, the wayback machine does not still have that lovely first effort.)

Bob Silver called me that Tuesday at IBM and asked "Have you ever heard of something called web page?"  One of his clients wanted one.  And the next 19 years of my career were born.  Timing...

I left The Silver Company shortly after I got there because 1. NOT a good fit at all and 2. His buddy next door was starting a new company and wanted to hire me to build out  It worked out best for everyone.

This trip down memory lane is brought to you by Twitter.  Rain Shadow Meats - the new butcher shop one block over - retweeted a photo session for Bon Appetit magazine this morning.  The original tweet was from non other than Bob Silver.  First time I've even thought of him in nearly 20 years!  He was not fun to work for but he sure opened up the door to a fun couple of decades for me!
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