Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today was kickstarted by ick.  I had a clear and detailed dream about finding ants all over the house.  Then I woke up, fed Betty and Zoey. Then Betty threw up her entire breakfast on the carpet.  I got up and cleaned it all up and came back to the bed and the computer. Now she is begging me for breakfast...  I think, rather than an indication of illness, she was just giving me a kitty restaurant review.


Yesterday Google Plus got a drastic update.  And the audience went wild.  Love it. Hate it. Don't get it.

I don't do Facebook or anything Apple so I miss a lot of the social media drama but I love Google Plus so a lot of yesterday was spent watching all that drama.  I actually like and appreciate the changes - some I might have passed on but, whatever.  It's still a lovely space (made even more lovely on my new computer) with interesting people.


Today is swim class.  Yesterday was no class so I just did laps while listening to podcasts.  Nice.  And then,  the Mariners humiliated the Yankees last night. It was great fun.  They play them again tonight.  I'm hopeful.


One of my great joys these days is lunch.  I come in from the pool, park the car in my spot and before I even come upstairs to home, I stop in the new coffee shop and get a half sandwich for lunch.  $5.25.  Zero grocery shopping for lunch stuff, storing and hope it doesn't spoil.  Zero prep work and zero kitchen clean up.  Plus, they make Great sandwiches!  I bought a $15 groupon for $25 of lunches.

I'm sure it will get old after a while but, for now, it's a great deal.
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