Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am not smart enough to buy drugs

After all the time I spent scoping out pricing and comparing and figuring it all out and then on the phone twice with Costco yesterday still trying to figure it out, I still got it wrong.  Wrong to the tune of $800.

I am not a stupid person.  I have insurance.  Why in the hell is this so damn difficult???  Thankgod I do have insurance and will start Medicare in 10 months.

My 6 drugs are now costing me $650 per month ($1950.00 for 3 month supply).  I will have my portion of the deductible satisfied by the time I have to order again so the next order will be $380 (for a 3 month supply).  Breathing is a pricey pricey business.

At least now, everything is ordered and paid for. So I know I have the price correct this time. I am really weary of fucking with this stuff.
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