Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My massage bruising is healing nicely.  I only have one really bad spot - on the back of my neck and it's fine if I don't touch it.   And I can still touch my toes. I'm feeling better about the whole thing.

I also made an interesting discovery about my hand/arm blood bruises yesterday. I bumped the back of my hand on the corner of the bookshelf and immediately saw the beginning of a small blood spot.  I rubbed it and it started dissipating. I massaged it for about 2 minutes and it grew bigger but fainter which actually totally makes sense.  But, today, which would normally be day 1 of 14 for the life of these mo'fo's, it's very nearly not there!!!!   So if I can catch it early, which, often I can, maybe I can prevent the ugly!!!

My new computer continues to delight.  The beauty of the screen is hard to describe. Before I bought it, I read all about how hit makes photos and videos so amazing.  But the real thrill is one I didn't read about and so am doubly delighted with and that's how regular stuff looks.  Little icons that I've seen forever - like the gmail envelope - I can now see the contours...  And it's just so snappy. Nothing I do seems to slow it down or make it wait.

My desktop windows machine has a giant YOU MUST REBOOT TO GET THE UPDATE window on it.  I'm going to ignore it while I wallow in the joy of not needing it on this machine.

Today has no special highlights so far.  Swimming, baseball, tv and bear knitting.  A good day in my book.
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