Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Massage hangover

My neck and shoulders and upper back feel like one massive bruise this morning and I can no longer touch my toes.

I am totally giving this massage thing another thought.  I don't like the prep.  I don't like the actual massage or the morning after.  Do I want to pay $90 for a really good 9 hours?

Tija (gym owner) told me I had my choice for a massage - a very deep one Monday-Thursday or Ruth on Fridays.  I think next time I'm going to try Ruth.

Seriously, if you were to touch my head just above the neck hairline, I'd whip around and hurt you back!  Yikes.

And my coffee maker just died.

On the upside, I just saw a tweet from PBS that Downton Abbey, Season 4, starts January 5.  Nice treat to look forward to.

I am spending a lot of money this month.  It's money I have but I feel like I should maybe not quite spend so much.  I think my main guilt is the new computer which will be delivered today.  It's a Pixel Chromebook which will replace my windows laptop which I've always hated.  (howeird, you actually bought this one - ASUS zenbook and took it back as a fail.  I should have done the same thing instead of torturing myself with it all this time.)

Now I need a new coffee pot and the 3 month supply of drugs...  On the up side, my ceramics class this week end is paid for and I realized that my heath savings account will pay for our CES trip next January. I keep $3500 in there to satisfy the IRS and stave off fees.  Since I can use it to pay COBRA as well as my drugs, I have disbursement covered according to IRS rules but I actually pay those things out of my regular account.  Next January I will need to put in another $3K in there for tax purposes so I'll use the current balance to pay for our trip. It will be plenty so yeah!!!

I am so grateful that I have enough money to live the life I chose. But, I feel like one of the reasons I have that is because I watch those coins so carefully.  And now I watch them more carefully than ever. It's just that this month, I feel like I'm watching more of them leave the nest than usual!

Swimming today.  It's going to hurt but maybe moving those places she killed yesterday will help them feel better faster.  There are other parts that she fixed that don't hurt and are still fixed so all is not lost.

No more ants for days.

Betty hasn't thrown up in several days although Zoey left me a little surprise... The upside of feeding one cat a lot of pumpkin is that it's really easy to tell who's done what.

And that's the state of the state here at SDHQ for right this minute... stay tuned. It could all change before lunch or not.
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