Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Surprise for Zoey!

I had the door to the hallway open all day and Zoey spent much of it watching the hall traffic.  She sits on the floor by the screen or hops on the credenza so she can see over it.  Finally tonight, I got up and put her harness/leash on her and moved the screen.  She went out but she does not want to move far with the leash on.  So I just stand there and let her figure out what she wants to do.

We were there, right by the open door, when my neighbor down the hall gets out of the elevator ... with his two chihuahuas.  He had their leashes extended so they went after Zoey (not in a bad way - in a OH look, a new thing to play with!!! way) who ran back into the unit fast.  It was pretty funny.   

Once they were gone, she was cool as a cuke.  But, I shut the door.  We'll go exploring again tomorrow.


I've been good today - about getting up at least every hour or more often.  It's a chore to remember and now I am keenly aware of how long I sit without moving.  No wonder I'm broken!  Betty is really a little freaked that I'm all up and down so often.  The first part of the afternoon she thought she was getting dinner every half hour.  Finally she settled down and now just gives me the stink eye.  Except for the time I really did feed her.
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