Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mother's Day

Last week a local foodie tweeted asking where everyone was taking their mother to brunch.  I replied that a better question was where someone who isn't a mother and doesn't have one can go for brunch without being surrounded by 2 year olds. I got a tweet from a guy I'd never heard of with a suggestion of a restaurant I'd never heard of.

And that's where I went this morning.  It was easy to get to and find and turned out to be a real neighborhood pub that has apparently been there for years but only open for brunch for about 3 months.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  Comfortable, quiet, just lovely.  So wonderful that I will go back again and probably even again again even though the food was only so-so.  It's Irish food.  Not my favorite by a long shot but it's breakfast. I can make it work. I'm jazzed. Mullaedy's Irish Pub For a couple of reasons, I won't be adding it to my brunch blog but I did enjoy it a lot and am grateful for the original tweet!

Now I'm home and ready for knitting and baseball.


Every day now, pretty much, I knit and watch baseball/TV and play with my computer from my orange chair.  I sit here for hours on end.  At the end of the day, when I go to bed I'm crippled. It's got to stop but I know my limits.   I'm fairly sure that getting more exercise would fix the problem but I'm also fairly sure that ain't going to happen.  Except for making me crippled, I like sitting there.  I've been wrestling with this for a while and I think I have a plan.  At least I have one I'm going to try.

I have an app on my desktop PC which chimes every 15 mins.  I've turned up the sound level.  I'm going to try and get up out of the chair every 30 minutes - absolutely every hour.  If I miss a 30 min, then I have to really do something, like clean up the kitchen or some other non trivial chore.  If I hit every 30 mins then I can get by with just stretching a bit and/or walking to the other end of the condo.

And I'm going to get a massage. I know from experience that a massage can fix a world of hurt but I really hate them. I hate finding the time, taking the time, making the appointment, the whole process. I hate all of it except the result. I've been toying with this massage idea for a while.  Finding a place has been the main show stopper.  The best place for me is the gym across the street.  But, I'm no longer a member.

Finally, today, I sent the owner (who is a friend and lives in the building and, actually, rents my storage space) an email asking her if she had any provisions for non-members and massages.  I got a fast answer back that she's happy to have massage customers.  $5 non-member fee over the massage cost and when did I want to do it!!  Whew and yeah.  So Monday or Tuesday.  I'm thinking about making it a monthly thing.

The hourly chime just went off in the middle of this and I got up so, so far, it's working! hehehehe
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