Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I have always loved grape popsicles

The summer before I was 6, we lived in Kansas City, MO and it was record breaking hot.  My Mom, in a desperate attempt to get us out of our hair, sent me and my sister (5) to Vacation Bible School.  We went every day on a yellow school bus.

On the last day, we were in our Sunday School best dresses (matching, of course) because Mother and Daddy were going to meet the bus and we were going to hop in the Buick with my brother(2) and drive to my grandparents house in Chaffee, MO.

To celebrate the last day of Vacation Bible School, they gave us grape popsicles - my very favorite treat.  But, Mom had drummed into me, threatened me within an inch of my life, never ever ever eat anything between meals without asking her first.  So I would not, nor would I let my sister eat the popsicles.  We carried them on the bus with us - in our fancy dress up clothes.

Did I mention it was record breaking hot?  The bus driver and the bus chaperone begged us to eat them but I said NO! Not until I could ask Mommy's permission.

We got off the bus, holding popsicle sticks and soaked in grape juice and tears of mourning over our lost popsicles.

Mother and Daddy were furious (these were not the fun grandparents we were going to visit - being late was trouble) and laughing hysterically.  I was soooo pissed.  We only had time to go back home and change clothes.  No time to get replacement popsicles.

The story, of course, became instant family legend. And I have never ever gotten my fill of grape popsicles.

I just had one out of my own freezer.  It was sooooo good.  But now I have grape juice all down the front of my shirt. I think this will be the dedicated popsicle shirt of the summer.

20130511_145014_Occidental Ave S.jpg


I just watched a little indie movie - Liberal Arts. It was pretty enjoyable.
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