Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

slashing and dashing and cat food score

I used to have this rule about deleting friends from LJ or Twitter or Google + or anywhere... if I simply disagreed with them or something they posted, I read it, considered it and moved on.  Lately, however, I've just been taking them off the list.  My patience for meme's is teensy.  I 'uncircled' a half dozen people on Google + this morning because I'm just weary of Walmart bashing and condemnation of all U.S. (by Americans) for causes - ecology, economy, etc.  All Republicans are not fools (well, most are but still) and all Democrats aren't idiots (although there are quite a few).

I do think it's nice to keep your mind open to ideas and opinions that differ from yours but I'm tired of doing that.  So I'm trimming and cutting and looking for new stuff to read and not apologizing for any of it.


Swim class was great.  Not nearly as crowded as usual and the instructor really worked my ass. I think it's because I told her I wouldn't be there next week.  She wanted me to know it mattered.

Then I stopped by the Dollar Store for a couple of things and then on to Grocery Outlet where I saved a bundle on cat food.  I got about a six week's supply at nearly half price.  If I had more storage room, I'd get more.  I may just get more anyway and worry where to put it later. It's just such a deal.

Then home where I made myself a lovely brunch.

Now I need to clean up the kitchen.  Betty's on the counter licking stuff and I need to put it away before she makes herself sick and/or the ants take over.

The Sounders parade o' fans from the park are marching and chanting below my terrace.  Way way way more fun to be up here listening and enjoying instead of down there trapped two blocks away.

Today's march was way bigger than usual and as always followed by the band.  I did not video the whole thing because really it's just a street full of people marching and chanting and you can't see them anyway because of The Tree That I Hate. But, here's a little sample - the first of the full 5-7 minute affair.  Fun.

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