Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Off to my Saturday swim class. Then a stop at the dollar store - I need another solar powered flower in a little pot - then to Grocery Outlet for cat food. They have a bunch of food in that 1. Betty likes and can digest successfully and 2. is cheaper than Amazon's subscribe and save. I plan to buy a bunch.

My plan is to get all of this done and get home before noon.  There's a soccer game at 1 and I really don't want to get trapped 2 blocks from home... again.

My scheme to wait until at least next week to order a new Pixel Chromebook totally failed.  I have the tracking number but UPS does not have it in the system yet.  I am typing this on a windows laptop which I will retire.  That will leave me with only one windows machine - the desktop.  My heart, soul and wallet all belong to Google.  This from someone who has spent hours on her soapbox expounding on the stupidity of putting all your digital eggs in one basket.  I am the Apple fan boy I have ridiculed for years but in Google clothing.  Sigh.

No ants this morning.  Yeah!!

I try not to be over sensitive but it does astound me in today's world with everyone bending themselves into pretzels to ensure they are politically correct and offend no one, the gloves come off for Mother's Day.  No one - commercially or editorially - seems to have ever heard of anyone who has no mother and no children.  Sweeping demands to give my mother the best this year or worse trying to  shame me into remember my mother by telling her I love her or doing her a favor or whatever...  Hey gang...  Mother's Day... there are some of us that are totally 100% not involved and not interested in any way.

Time for me to suit up and hit the road!
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