Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yes, it will be The Summer Of Ants

The up side of the fuckers is my kitchen floor will be spotless.  My floor is a pinkish 5" tiles.  It's only about 6x10 feet and exactly rectangle.  Early on I realized that 1. It showed dirt really really well and 2. If I didn't want to clean it every day, I should get a rug and I did. Now the ants are going to make me rug free and a clean freak.  I even bought a sponge mop today.

I also found some ants on my fireplace hearth.  They are feet up now.  And I am on Ant Patrol!! No crumb will be allowed to wallow... anywhere.  Until Halloween.


I changed the sheets on the bed. I am on my third load of laundry - including a load of all my rags and kitchen huck towels in hot water with bleach.

Two Amazon orders arrived.  Both way fun.  When I was at Walmart on Wednesday, they had little popsicle molds for a buck. I had always wanted to try grape juice popsicles so I did and I love them, only the dollar mold had some flaws so I spent $5 and got good ones.

20130510_122036_Occidental Ave S.jpg

Zoey has so much energy and is fascinated by the hallway. So I thought maybe she'd be willing to be on a leash. We haven't tried it yet but her harness came today an I thought I'd let her get used to it. She let me put it on with no fuss and has no issues with it.

20130510_125146_Occidental Ave S.jpg

Just now the newsletter is ready for me to work on so we may try the leash out after I finish work.
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