Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bugs and stuff

After my ant invasion yesterday, I think my shotgun approach has maybe actually worked. After the second scrub down, I dusted the perimeter with cinnamon and then pelted the crawlers I saw with a spritz of anti ant juice (rubbing alcohol, dish soap and water).  This morning I found two more - now dead.

Today I plan to scrub again (I need to collect and toss the carcasses - carci?).  The problem with the cinnamon is that the floor is tiled so there is no good way to just sweep it up.  Last night I had the bright idea of - after I clean it all this morning - I'm going to lay down some plastic wrap and put the cinnamon on that!  IF I need it. I'm going see if I can control the remaining few with bug juice shots.


This morning I decided I wanted a bagel so I put on my ballcap and pants and went downstairs to the coffee shop.  The line was out the street.  Ok, so now we know that breakfast is not practical. Sigh.  But, I'm glad they are having a good first week.


I have a couple of errands that need to get done today and other than that, I'm not sure what's happening.  I'm not even sure I'm going to the pool.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I have bears to knit and a movie from the library and there is a baseball game tonight.

And my brother's newsletter is in the works.  He says the content is way better this time (and it's been pretty darned good before) but it's not pretty.  I'm in charge of pretty!


And speaking of pretty...  The folks building the project out my terrace just posted a photo from their view.  I'm on the fourth floor and this was taken from about the 14th floor - the roof of my building is way below here (about shin level - you can't see it).  The building there on the lower left is just across 1st ave from me.  Amazing view.  Those apartments are going to have art out their windows ever day.

waterfront from stadium place
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