Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just got an email from the online thing my doctor's office uses.  1.  There's now a phone app!!  2.  The results of this morning's test are in!!  Everything shows within normal range.  My glucose is 3 points above normal (but I was able to see last year's and year before last's and the number I got today is the same number I got in early 2012.  It looks like I might have a urinary tract infection but I don't - I'm guessing it's just cause I didn't give them enough pee.

Soooo  kewel!  I love this online shit.  At least now 80% of any nasty surprises have been totally eliminated from my appointment on Monday! Oh, sure, he might find something but I doubt it. I feel fine and we agree I'm too fat.  I'll betcha it will be in - how ya doin' - fine, you? - and then see ya next year!!


Ants.  Again. Ugh.  Last time it was just before it got cold so the ant attack didn't last long.  This time I tossed the throw rug that was there out on the terrace. It's at its end of life anyway.  Then, I washed the entire kitchen floor with hot soapy water and sprinkled cinnamon around the sides where I saw the most ants.  Thank you, spiritgirl.  I think I've stopped the current invasion.

Thankfully, Zoey has her dry food up high and her wet food on the counter and I just pop the dish into the dishwasher when she's done.  Betty's food (wet) is served in the fish which 1. has a very light 'floor' so easy to spot crawlies but 2. has a cloth floor that, hopefully, will discourage the little buggers.  Her fish house wasn't where the ants were spotted.

I really and truly do not want to spend the summer fighting ants...
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