Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm writing a letter!

I have no nostalgia for handwritten notes and letters.  Email is way more convenient and easier to read but even I can happily entertain exceptions.

My swimming friend, Madelene, had company for one week and is off to see her son and grandchildren this week - she warned us all she'd be gone.  And we miss her.  Today I got home from the pool and there was a note in the mail from here.  A nice newsy note on a card sent in the snail mail. It was a delightful find.

I'm not clear when she gets back but I'm pretty sure it's not before tomorrow so I'm going to write her a note on a card and send it to her house as soon as I finish this entry.  I can play retro, too!


I stayed in the pool for an  hour and a half today, doing laps and then doing class. It felt good.  I can tell that my COPD is getting worse.  But, it is least worse when I'm in the pool so I am enjoying the pool more than ever.


I am now on a steady course to buy a Pixel computer. If the Google Play store had free shipping, I'd have already pulled the trigger. I am almost 100% sure that there will be no new Chrome OS hardware announced at I/O next week but I'd sure feel like a dope if there were and another week should not kill me. It probably will but it shouldn't. I also want to see really how much those drugs are going to cost me. If I'm wrong and they cost the same as the Pixel computer, I might really need to be smarter about buying it.   I'm now just holding off to see if I can.  It's a game I'm playing with me. I'm losing.
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