Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Busy day ahead... well, my kind of busy

Last night I got to thinking about my drug bill.... again.  It's so frustrating because finding out how much stuff cost me before the fact is nearly impossible.  Walgreens does not give me the price until the drugs are in my hands.  When I place my order, I charge it to my Discover card so I can go to Discover and see what the charge to Walgreens is and that's how I know the price.  No.

My insurance was a copay for drugs.  The price was set by the insurance.  No drug cost me more than $80 for a 3 months supply. And they were not part of the deductible. And Walgreens was the only mail order option the insurance would bless.

Now I am charged full price and pay 20% after the deductible is satisfied.

I need to call the insurance company today to make sure I'm no longer locked into Walgreens.  Costco lists prices per drug.  I looked mine up and did the calculations and if I use Costco mail - unless, I'm just totally misunderstanding everything - I can save more than $230 a MONTH before the deductible and about $400 a month after!  Holy crap on a stick.

I need to call the insurance company first. I have my list of questions for them.  Then I have questions (and the phone number) for Costco mail.  And if no big stop signs, when I go to my doctor on Monday, I'll get him to send my prescriptions to Costco.


There's a baseball game at 9 am!  The housecleaners come this morning.  And the pool closes at 2:30 for  laps so I need to get there before about 1:45 to make it worthwhile.


I'm still thinking about getting a Pixel Chromebook.  Depending on what comes out of Google I/O (their developer meeting next week when new things are sometimes announced) ...  If they don't announce any new chromebook stuff, I'm probably going to pull the Pixel trigger.


After a winter of not even having to use my humidifier, this morning I got a nose bleed.  WTF?  I wonder if the Breathe Right strips - or rather the often use of them.  Google mostly says that they might be helpful to prevent frequent note bleeds  Oh well.  That's good, I think.

The problem with me and nosebleeds is that it takes a while to heel and I generally get a lot of them while my nose is healing but all that is usually in winter!   Maybe today's bleed is an anomaly.  I'm going to assume so.


I'm on hold now with the insurance company and their hold music is really not that bad but through my phone's speaker phone over Google Voice it's pretty tortured.  Oh well...
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