Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a nice trip and a successful one.  Good visit - financial waltz with good donuts.

Then I went on to Walmart where I made a yarn score.  Walmart used to carry a made for Walmart brand called Caron Baby One Pound.  It was bear perfect.  The last time I went to Walmart to get some, they didn't have it. I figured they stopped carrying it.  Wrong!  I found it again today. Yeah.  Fortunately it only comes in 7 colors so I can easily just get one of each and be happy.

I got a few other things and then came home.  Anita was finishing up.  And now she's gone and I'm de-smelling.  My little micro/exhaust fan does not really do much and while I love the cooking smells for a bit, when they get old, they aren't that lovely.  So I spray a little Fabreeze by the front door.  Set out  saucer of vinegar in the hallway and then open up this large jug of odor removing beads in the kitchen.  And cross my fingers.


The Mariners are playing in Pittsburgh tonight which is tres cool.  They rarely play the Pirates because they are in the other league. I was a huge Pirates fan in the late 60/early 70's.  The OLD Three Rivers Stadium was brand spanking new and amazing.  It will be fun to see them tonight.


The construction across the street just published a very cool time lapse video.  You can see my house in the beginning.  The coolest part is towards the end when they brick goes up.

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