Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day Trip!

My financial adviser lives and works in Mill Creek which is a little town/suburb about 30 minutes north of here.  He likes to sit down with me a few times a year to go over stuff.

It's a completely useless exercise because he'll tell me financial stuff and I'll nod like I know what he's talking about and then he'll say stuff like 'you have a pretty strong technology sector that is kind of flattening out but I think we should hang on to it at least through this quarter because xxx  yyy and zzz.'  And I'll totally agree.  And we'll go on like that for 30 minutes.

I like to think of it like financial dancing.  He totally knows what he's doing and he's a pro.  I'm totally clueless and gratefully let him lead me around the dance floor.  He and the guy he bought his practice from are 100% responsible for my having enough money to retire comfortably at age 63. I was so lucky to find them and trust them.

Anyway. He used to come here to dance but after I quit work, I started going there because 1. his office is a block from the best donut shop in the country and 2. there's a Walmart on the way home and a Big Lots nearby.  And I can go in the middle of the day and skip the traffic.

Plus, I can go on the day with Anita is here cooking.  So she'll be here any minute.  I'll hop into the shower, get dressed and hit the road.  Perfect.

And if perfect isn't perfect enough, the sun is hidden behind clouds this morning!!
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