Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The gift

My only windows face east.  So my living room gets fried in the mornings when the sun comes in and fires up the entire room.  Except...  the sun is out now and not in my living room!!!!  I have magic shades - I can see through them but they block sun.  I pulled them last night so I wasn't surprised that in the bedroom I couldn't see the sun coming in through the living room windows (the bedroom/front room wall is a 3/4ths wall).

But, when I got up, I discovered that there was no sun!!!!  The new building blocks it.  This is a wonderful discovery!  I figured it would block some but most or all.  Wow.  Cool - and I mean that in every definition possible.

It was hot sleeping last night even with the ceiling fan going at top speed.  I did not turn on the A/C. I will turn it on tonight.


I got up the morning and threw on pants and a hat with my sleep t-shirt and went down to the new coffee shop.  They were totally ready to open - in at a couple of days or a week.  There were two almost trained baristas.  It was noisy because there was a team of folks building tables in the back.  They only had coffee and a few pastries.  While I was there trying to pay for my pastry, a guy brought in the bagels.

But, the manager was on hand to great and thank me for coming.  He had no trouble guessing that I lived in the building.  At least maybe now they will get everything in order and in about a week be fully operational.


No swim class today and I'm going to miss tomorrow's so I think I'm going in at 11 when the pool opens and get some laps in.  If it's not crowded, I'll do some exercising, too.

Tomorrow, Chef Anita comes and I'm going up to Mill Creek (about 30 mins north of here) to meet my finance guy for a little visit and for some Frost donuts (the best in the land).

Other than that, nothing on the agenda today except working hard to stay cool.
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