Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Global Fucking Warming

The sun is down and my living room is hot.  The thermostat by my chair says 75 degrees.  It is comfortable in here at 65.  I am not comfortable.  So I'm thinking WTF?  Tomorrow's supposed to be the same.  Then I looked at the forecast and decided that I do not care what the date is...  I will not make it a week in these temperatures without the air conditioner.

The earliest I've ever set it up is May 23rd. (I keep the entries of the day I set up and the day I put away in LJ memories.  It's fun to go back and check. Well, that record can kiss my sweaty ass.  There's a new record in town.  I'm not wild about having my living room invaded from now until Labor Day by this R2D2 thing but it sure beats the hell out of frying to death.

The thing lives in a closet on the terrace (behind the purple curtains) in the winter.  It's on rollers so not so bad to drag out.  It has to vent out the door (because I have no windows).  So years ago I created this system with a sliding glass pet door.  It was not perfect because my pet door was beat up.  But this year, someone left their nearly new pet door in the 'free store' in the garage and I scarfed it up.

Tonight I could not remember where I had stashed it but finally found it and it is world's better than my old POS.

The A/C is not as quiet as it used to be. It's got a little bit of a rattle but damn that cold air feels good.  The hose that goes out the door is nearly shot.  Last year I found one just a hair smaller that I could screw into the old one and, hopefully, give it a year or so more life.  Tonight some more of the old fell off and the screw in operation was a bit dicey but I managed to get it done.

I had to rearrange the furniture a bit and I'm not sure I love the result but I can fiddle with that later.  Next time Ann pops in, I'll enlist her eye and help.

Right now, I'm just happy to have a bit of a cool down as my Kiwi friends would say.  And I will be able to close the door this week if the construction noise gets to loud.  You can see here that Zoey is totally On The Case.   Oh and my solar powered party light out on the terrace is on!  I guess they got enough juice today to give them light for a while.

20130505_205547_Occidental Ave S.jpg
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