Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

White people

When the weather turns warm in Seattle, people immediately shed all their clothes.  Out come the tank tops and shorts.  Yesterday they were appropriately covered.  Today they are nothing but skin.

Now, I've lived in Minnesota. There are a LOT of really white people in Minnesota.

BUT there are no whiter people on the face of the earth than those in on the first warm day in Seattle.  Seriously.  I saw some legs today that could cause eye damage if you looked at them too long. Yikes.


I went to Serious Biscuit for breakfast cause I figured everyone would be outside and it would not be crowded.  The regular crowd wasn't there cause, apparently, it was Bring Your Toddler To Brunch day.  Ugh.  The Biscuit has long communal tables.  I was given a lovely seat that turned to ugly fast when a 3 year old and her mother were seated directly in front of me.  The mother spent the entire time talking to the 3 year old in a high whiny voice which was matched by the 3 year old.  Their baby seats are those that hang off the table so they spent the entire time shaking the table.  Really not fun.  At. All.


But now I'm home in the cool.  In order to get even the tiniest cross ventilation, I open up the door to the hall which is directly across (albeit @100 feet away). This is the first time I've done it since Zoey got here.  As she is fascinated by everything, this is no exception.  She can't decide if the better money is down by this new opening or up here with me.  So far she's a commuter.

20130505_112435_Occidental Ave S.jpg

Laundry is laundrying. The Mariners are losing - so far.  But, even that is comfortable and nice today.
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