Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pain in the butt

I've got a pain in my butt.  Well, actually the very top of my leg - where the leg morphs into the butt.  I've had it before more than once and a long time ago so I'm pretty sure it's not fatal but it sure is annoying.

It did not tank my swim class this morning.  Kind of dented it a little but didn't ruin it.  Then I caught some Hawaiian breakfast.  I like the place cause it's not far from the pool, has parking and has a great breakfast of 2 eggs, belgian waffle and spam.  Next time I think I might get potatoes instead of the waffle.

The home to watch the ballgame which we won handily.  Since then I've been watching some TV and I cleaned up the kitchen. I need to back in there and organize the freezer so that Anita has room on Tuesday.

It's hot outside - the sun is frying everything but it's fairly cool in here. I have the door open and the construction noise hasn't been too bad.  Some fool was out there with a voovoo soccer horn for about a half hour but he gave up and left.  Since then it's been almost peaceful.

Just a lazy Saturday.  Nice.
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