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The usual this and that...

The locker room at the pool is brightly lit and has a giant mirror.  Yesterday when I got out of the shower after class, I noticed me in the mirror.  My stomach makes a giant grin where it folds over just above my crotch.  It doesn't fold much so it's kind of a sly grin.  It amused me so I snapped a couple of pictures.

I wasn't taking nude shots of me, I was taking pictures of my stomach grin.  My face happened to be obscured by the phone actually.  All pics I take with my phone automagically get uploaded to flickr and google.   Later on yesterday afternoon, I spent some time cropping and rotating and playing with them on flickr but turns out the mirror made them too fuzzy to really make good jokes out of.  So I just left them.  I did flash on that they were publicly available but who the heck looks at my pictures anyway unless I use them here or somewhere else....

This morning I was in flickr to post the daily basket and I can see that the two naked shots I did not delete were quite popular.  In less than 12 hours more people saw them than saw my last month's worth of shots combined.  I was amused but don't care.

I'm cool with being a porn star but I'm pretty sure flickr/yahoo feels differently.  And I do care about having my whole flickr account marked as porn so I made the nudies private.


On Monday, Cherry Street Coffee opens up a shop in this building!  I'm quite jazzed.  Fresh bagels, and breakfast pitas - yum - 7 days a week!  This is going to cost me. I wish they were open today!!


The fish as cafe for Betty is working out perfectly.  It is so wonderful to wake up and go to the kitchen for coffee and not see cat food sprinkled around a dirty cat food dish.  Yeah!!!  It does crack me up seeing Betty's butt sticking out of the fish's mouth while she eats.


I am typing this on a Windows laptop.  It's an ok laptop but I've had it with Windows. I'm sick of having to reboot and having stuff not work and having wifi be flaky.  And while I have gotten way better at using this keyboard, it still sucks.

Meanwhile my chromebook is just a little too small (screen wise) and just a little to underpowered (it's tedious waiting for tabs to refresh), it's still easier and more useful than this windows one.  The annual Google developers meeting is coming up in a couple of weeks.  I'm hoping  then or soon after, they will announce a new chromebook that has a long battery life, is a little bigger and has a more robust processor.  (There is the Pixel and even though it's way too expensive, I'd still consider if it had a decent battery life, which it really doesn't, for that price.)


No swim class today so I think I'll just pop in at 11 when the pool opens and do some laps.  Yesterday's class was fabulous.  Alvin taught.  When he's on his game, he is excellent.  And yesterday he was totally on his game. I was exhausted by the time class ended.


The Mariners are playing in Toronto so we get what I call the east coast gift.  All the games are early early which is very cool.  Today's game is at 4 and Saturday and Sunday's games are at 10 am.  I'm not sure why I love this so much but I really do.


It's going to get hot here next week.  My definition of hot, I know, is out of whack with the rest of the world but I also know what is physically uncomfortable for me and that's my measure.  This condo building is more than 100 years old.  It is built with 18" wooden beams and brick.  It's natural insulation but it's not fast. It takes several days of really warm weather to make it hot in here.  So, hopefully, these few warm days won't be an issue inside here.

When the rain dries up and the sun comes out everyone in Seattle abandons the indoors.  Except for me.  While I'm pretty much a homebody anyway, when the sun is out and/or it's hot, I am even more encouraged to not go anywhere.

I have Seasonal Affective Disorder but my bad season is anything with heat and sun!

I hope these next few days can be combated with the fan.  I'd like to hold off rolling in the air conditioner until next month.  My only 'window' is my sliding glass door and it faces the construction.  If having that door open results in too much noise - as in I can't hear the TV or radio - I may have to roll the air conditioner in early.

The air conditioner is a godsend.  I love it's cold air so much but it's not that pretty and I like the living room so much better when I don't have to have it set up in here.  Totally worthy if for the the comfort.  And, I want to get it set up and tested out before it gets really really hot because the one I have now is getting some age on it and if I need to replace it, I want to do it before it gets too hot.
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