Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Miscellaneous stuff

Last night, I got a much better idea for Betty's Cafe.  One of the fish houses is has a low 'ceiling' and, it happens to be the one that no one seems interested in right now.  So I took the padding out and there is lots of room for her dish and for her to go all the way in to eat.  It's gets light so there's no dark dining but you can't see in unless you are on the ground.  Perfect!!

So... all the sewing I did this week?  All for nothing.  Except, I enjoyed it, it didn't cost much money and lordknows I have the time.    I found two very light long sleeve sweaters on sale at Old Navy so arm covering is also now taken care of. All's well that ends well.


Last night we had more riots in Seattle - idiots en masse in the streets insulting the police and smashing store windows.  Just lovely.

Also last night the Mariners played a great game and won (those two are not always found on the same evening).  Today is a day off.  Unlike other sports, during the season, it's weird to NOT have a game a day. You get in a rhythm and then boom - nothing.  At least my TiVo is stuffed with stuff to watch instead.


In my latest yarn order, I tried a yarn I had not tried before. It's a bunch cheaper than my usual and, yeah!, it turns out to be nice to work with.  Score.


I have swim class at noon today but that's the only thing that I'm committed to today.  Next week is chef week and the house cleaner is coming and there are other things going on so I'm enjoying the heck of this commitment free week.
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