Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Walking and breathing

Since I'm not swimming today, I decided to try and see how I manage without some of my supremely expensive inhalers.  I have COPD.  I do Advair 500 in the morning and in the afternoon.  And I do Spirva (the elephant on your chest tv commerical) once a day.  When I swim, I take a shot of Combivent before I leave the house.

Even with all this, I don't have the breath to climb 4 flights of steep stairs or run more than a half a block BUT I have elevators and walk and I'm fine.  So fine that I often wonder if I need all this high priced breathing help.

Today I skipped the Spirva and the Combivent.  And then I walked about a quarter mile up the road to get a sandwich.  I did not have enough breath to order when I got there.  Thumbs down!!

Coming back, however, was a lot easier which I think is weird.  Flat land, same walking speed.  Coming back I had enough breath to chat with the Real Change vendor who always wants to talk about my car.  Somehow he saw me in it or something a while back and then remembered when I walked by and bought a paper from him - this still astounds me and now we chit chat about it every time.  He's a neat guy and Real Change has an interesting perspective.  Plus, it's the only newspaper I get and sometimes you need newspaper for other than bird cage lining.


The local news outlets are tweeting their little heads off today. Everyone is in place for May 1 riots except the rioters who, so far, are pretty much a total no show.


My poor bank has had their website attacked and it's been down all day.  The phone app works fine so no biggie except I feel badly for them and I hope hope hope this does not result in their making it impossible to use tlheir website because of all the safety stuff they think they need.

But, meanwhile, the stock market (and so my income base) is having a bad day.  So maybe it's a good day not to be checking financial shit.


My house is back in order. It amuses me no end how much better that makes me feel than.  My poor mother spent half her time while I was growing up trying to get me to clean up my room.  Now I can't stand it not clean. Thanks, Mom!
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