Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Betty's Cafe

Well, I'm not so sure this is a total win either but... it's done and most of the sewing stuff is put away - waiting now for the iron to cool.  I have had to show her where her bowl is but, once I do, she's just moves on in and eats.  So maybe it will work.  I need to get a better mat for under the bowl.  Oh, wait, I think I have just the thing.  

I probably would have been better off choosing a more neutral fabric or a solid for the top.  If it really turns out to work out fine and dandy, I can easily and cheaply do another tent.


I'm debating about swimming today. I think I'm going to take the day off.  No particular reason.  I do want to get this place back in order.  I have real neatnic ocd these days.

And my latest yarn shipment came in so I need to get it sorted and put away and the box and trash down to the dumpsters.  I think the pool can live without me for a day.
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