Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

FAIL but whatever

The jacket is finished and while the construction is fine - not Nina Garcia fine but good enough for regular peops - the jacket looks silly.  I tried it out with some short sleeved shirts and it really does look silly.  Part of it is fat in chiffon looks even fatter, I think. Maybe it will be better with jeans or when I'm desperate and it is Africa hot out and my arms look like the plague.

But, I'm cool. I did it and did a good job and enjoyed the doing of it and it didn't cost much so all is fine.  And the cat food dish project is going to be superior!!! The top is done and I'll add the skirt tomorrow.  Betty ate her dinner under the table tonight.

Zoey gets wet food but not much and if she doesn't clean her plate, I give the rest to Betty and put the dish in the dishwasher.  Zoey gets as much dry food as she wants so I'm not worried about her staving.

I'm taking the night off from sewing.  I'll finish up the table tomorrow. Tonight I need to get back on bear duty!
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