Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back breaking work

Seriously, sewing is a back killer.  Cutting out - you lean over to see where you are cutting and your back hates it. Crunched over the sewing machine.  Pinning, pressing, up and down - ach!!!

Last night my back was killing me before bed.  I took 2 tylenol and slapped on a Breathe Right strip and very nearly slept through the entire night without waking which never ever happens.  I finally got up to pee about 4 and then went back to sleep fora while.

Today I sewed until time to leave for the pool and then, when I got home and got lunch, sewed some more and now, my back has had it.  Break time.  (Crunched over a computer... yeah, I get it.)

I did take another break to go back to the fabric store.  I hate seeing Betty's half eaten food in the bowl.  Often she'll eat everything, I'll give her seconds and she'll eat most and then graze on the rest on and off until the next meal. So I'm stuck looking at bowl of disgusting looking stuff.

I googled around for ideas and that led me to one of my own.  I dug out an old and ugly wooden TV tray that I picked up at Goodwill years ago. Before I got my grown up table, I used the TV table to sew on.  It lived in the back of the closet the rest of the time.

I set it up in a spot under a shelf around the corner from the kitchen. I put Betty's food bowl under it and she went right to eating... Hmmmmm

So then it was off to the fabric store to get the stuff needed to create a 'tent' over the table so that it won't look like "Hey!  here's where I keep the gross cat bowl!!!"  Hopefully it will look like "Hey, here's where I charge my phone and stuff!!"

I need to finish my jacket before I start this but I'm glad I had the idea before I put the sewing machine up.  This is a good week for these kinds of projects.
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