Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Heart Attack Sheets

So the sheets I bought and figured I'd never see because I'd die of the imminent heart attack, arrived.  And they are nice!  Also nice to have skipped the heart attack.


The damn chiffon is even more of a bitch to sew on than I had figured.  Good thing I really do want this thing shear.  I have this el cheapo machine and it's not really built for delicate work but this is a simple jacket and I think I'll just be very careful and finish off every seam. I got it cut out and then killed the rest of the afternoon on testing stitching and finishing.  I took a break for dinner.  May work on it more tonight.  May wait until tomorrow.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I got this table that so nicely and easily expands. Its great for cutting fabric and just having room to work plus  I can leave all the sewing shit out and still eat dinner at the table.

The down side is that I just came in from the kitchen and ran right the fuck into the corner of it. OUCH.

Zoey is pretty enamored with the whole sewing project.  So far she hasn't caused a bit problem.  She's resting now.
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