Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Covering up

As I contemplated another Summer with arms and hands looking like I have and am spreading the plague, I got to thinkin...

There does not appear to be anything I can do to prevent the bruises or clear them up faster.  I hate hot weather so long sleeves is a depressing thought.

BUT, what if I had some kind of holey something to cover up with????  I could probably knit or crochet something but even the lightest weight stuff would still be too heavy.

So it was off to the fabric store.  And I think I have a plan that will work.

My initial thought was too just wing it - too many episodes of Project Runway, I think.  And I found a pattern as soon as I walked in the door because one of the clerks was wearing what I wanted and she'd just finished making it  off a pattern they had in stock. SCORE.  Then I looked at fabric.  I wanted something with holes that did not look precious and/or ripped off a bride. And it needed to be soft and summery.  I found one that was pretty expensive and not perfect.  And then I found a tan/mustard/goldish sheer chiffon that was comparatively cheap.  So I got it.

I want the sleeves to be a little longer and the back to be a little trapeezier. That part should be easy.  It's been years and years since I've sewn clothes from a pattern or, actually, sewn clothes at all.  But, it's like riding a bicycle without the helmet hair issue.

Chiffon is a bitch to sew with and my machine is not the best but WTF. I've got time to go slowly and carefully.  And, if it works, I'll have a Summer Solution!!

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