Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night I did not apply a Breathe Right strip.  I try to give my nose skin a rest.  But fuck that.  Turns out breathing at night is way more fun than having nose skin.  I kept waking up with desert mouth.  At one point, I decided rather than get up, I'd suck on the water bottle I keep next to the bed.  I opened up the top tab and gave my thumb a massive (and massively painful) pinch. This morning I look like a grape died on my thumb.

Oh and grabbing the water bottle resulted in another bruise on the hand that was finally bruise free.  Sigh.

Tonight and every night until there is no more nose skin left to attach one to, I will wear a Breathe Right.

I also decided yesterday that my feeding Betty a snack before bed was not helping. So last night, no snack.  She was a bundle of furry WTF about the whole thing but once she realized there was no food coming and I really was going to sleep, she curled up in my armpit and went to sleep when I did.  That was the nice part about last night.   This morning she was a little more antsy than usual for breakfast but she's fine now.


There will be swimming today.  Laps at 11. And there is nothing really on tap this week so I'm pretty sure I can get at least some pool time - class or laps - every day this week.  That will be fun.
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