Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On Saturdays, I take a swim class at a pool about 20 minutes from here.  The class starts at 8:30.  To give me time for coffee and putzing, I get up at 6 on Saturdays.  I love the early morning.

Today, after swim, I'm getting together with seattlejo for brunch at a new place a block from here.  I so rarely get to see her, that it will be a treat to visit plus the brunch promises to be quite interesting.

In other headline news, after months of both hands being covered with disgusting blood blisters, I have one hand that is very closed to perfectly healed and the other has only two bad places and neither is really bad.  If I can avoid new bruises, I could have normal looking hands in a week!  My arms, are a different story but happily, it's still cool enough that long sleeves don't look ridiculous.

I thought about the hands, particularly, before I signed up for that class.  The idea of sitting around working with my hands in a small group of people and having my hands covered with what really looks like the plague just wasn't a fun thought.  Maybe I'll just wear gloves until the class. ha!

I do think keeping my nails short helps.  They grow like kudsu.  I just cut them back the other day and now they need it again.

But now I need to stop rambling, suit up and hit the road.
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