Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning I got up and out to Petco for Zoey entertainment.  I hate having ugly cat things all over the hous e but she has so much fun that I figure I'll get a variety and cycle through them as her interest waxes and wanes.  Plus, I had coupons.

Then I went on to the pool.  Petco isn't that far from my house and neither is the pool but Petco to the pool is about impossible.  I stopped and got the car washed and then got my traffic zen on and went for it. It was tedious but not terrible. I got to the pool too early but managed to entertain myself.

I did 25 minutes of laps.  I was shocked and delighted and a bit out of breath.  Listening to Moth stories definitely helped.  I did have to be aware of laughing tho ...  had to time it with breaths.  But it was good.

Now I'm home and have no plans to go out again.  Lunch then some podcasts and bear knitting.  A great way to spend a Friday aft.
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