Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Great Pool Day!

My regular Tuesday/Thursday pool classes have been so frustrating.  Lots of people dropping out.  Really crappy instructor.  They just have been way more frustrating than fun.

And that just made today even more better.

I got there early and did 15 mins of laps which was so nice.  My plan was to do another 15 if the class got the crappy teacher again.  But we did not.  Some of the regulars were back. We had some new people. And, Kyle, the good teacher taught us.  We had lots of laughs and a good workout.  Just fun.

I did find out that after I left early on Tuesday (I was just so pissed at the asshole teaching that I needed to get the fuck out), PJ, a semi-regular, gave the asshole what was described as 'a very frank and detailed critique.'  She not only gave him a list of things he was doing wrong but, according to the woman telling me, told him he needed 'to figure it out!'  PJ wasn't there today or I would have burned her palm with a high 5.

Also funny.  Judith has been in the class for long time and is fun. I mentioned today that I would not be there Tuesday after next because I had an appointment in Mill Creek (a bedroom community about 30 mins north of here).  It's with my financial adviser. There is a fabulous donut place in Mill Creek so I like to go, get donuts, see my adverser and then stop by Walmart on the way home.

Judith cracked up.  Her CPA is in Mill Creek.  She loves to go cause she stops for homemade coconut ice cream at the Thai restaurant after she sees her CPA and then stop at the Walmart on the way home.

We both got to laughing so hard over our Mill Creek adventures that we nearly drowned and it wasn't even that funny!
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