Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat maintenance

I've had two cats in my house for years.  Never the same age. Never had littermates.  I've had great ones and not that great ones.  I've had cats that got along and even loved each other and cats that never spoke to each other, not once.

But, always, except for appreciating their snuggles, I've generally ignored them.  They've had one litter box,  one water bowl and even shared a food bowl that was always dry and kept topped off.

Now I have two that are edging into high maintenance.  When Zoey first got here, I filled her dry bowl and have kept it topped off but, also, when I feed Betty, I'd give her a teaspoon of wet.  At first she'd lick it and then ignore it.  Now she asks for seconds.

And her Feather on a Stick demands are getting pretty severe.  She has turned into She Who Must Be Entertained.

Betty has to have wet food only and about 1/3rd of that needs to be pumpkin.  Some days she will down two 5 oz cans of food with pumpkin for breakfast!

And I can no longer leave any food out at all. None.  Last night, she took a fresh loaf of bread off the counter and then, when it got to the floor she tore into it and ate half of about 3 slices and left the plastic bits on the carpet very near where she threw up her feast.

Sigh.  Oh and there now needs to be two litter boxes.  Betty must have hers just so or she will poop elsewhere.  Zoey can trash a littler box in 2 seconds flat.  She, apparently, majored in litter moving.  This morning, in the giant box, all the litter was smushed up into one corner (and over the high side) so that half the box was bare box.

It's a good thing I'm retired  These two are a full freakin' time job!!

I'm already worried about CES in January. 4 Days??  No way can I ask neighbor Ann to handle all of this.
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