Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

King Street Station - WOW

They did such an amazing job.  Yes, it took for-freakin' ever but wow. It is really wow.

When I walked in this morning, I was instantly surrounded by beautiful white marble and heard a marching band. So perfect.  The band was a wonderful group of mostly really old musicians many of whom were in their high school uniforms!!  They were magnificent.  I even got video with sound.  I am pretty sure howeird will want to hear.


I didn't get great pictures but there were enough photogs there - the internets will be full of great pix.  The strip below is linked to the ones I did get.


One note is that I peeked into the ladies room (which is really very small for the space) and they have the Dyson Hand Blowers!!!  I love those things!  Now I can just pop over to the train station whenever I want a blow job!! (I used to have to drive a mile to Costco.)
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