Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today there may be no swimming.  The train station open house is at 11.  I don't plan to linger and listen to the mayor, who I think is a giant clown, but I do want to see it so I'll go and get pix.  Plus, I have to go a few blocks beyond that to drop off my package.  I'm calling the whole outing my 'morning constitutional'.

Then the ballgame is on at 11. The Mariners are sucking worse and earlier than usual this year. They seem like they have such good potential until the game actually starts.  Sigh.


I am sitting crosslegged on my bed with the computer on the pillow in front of me. Betty is on my right knee semi-patiently waiting for me to get up and give her more breakfast.  Zoey is on my left knee not so patiently wanting me to get up and get the Feather on a Stick thing going.  I am in demand.


There has been some discussion of the webcam and my webcam life.  There is history!

It started as many gadget things in my life do... I figured out I could do get - get a cam and stream from it to a webpage.  So I got one and tried it.  It was in the olden days (I figure early 2000's) and it was not trivial.  But, I did it.  My Mom got broadband internet access to her home in Charleston, SC about that time and was hooked.  Daddy had died and she loved her computer and then she learned she could see me, real time.  She loved it.  There was no sound.  She'd watch me and complain about my haircut or wonder what was on the TV or where the cats where and she'd call or send email.  It was great for her.

After she died, I just kept it up.  Then my brother opened his shop in Texas and put a web cam in it and a monitor with my stream on it (and a sign that says 'wave to my sister').  They watch me all day (or when they think to look at that monitor) and I watch (and listen) to them.

It's a great and easy way for me to keep connected.

Most everyone who comes in here knows there is a camera and doesn't care.  Some don't understand and don't care.  Some don't know and so... don't care.  I have picked my nose, scratched my butt, farted, walked across the room naked (not on purpose, I just forgot).  I don't remember it's there most of the time and so pay no attention to it.

There was one night, however, when I was sitting in the living room with the computer open and I sneezed, loudly and immediately got a TXT msg from machupicchu that said "Bless you!"  I laughed for an hour.


Ok, Zoey gave up and she's now playing with her toys in the living room.  But Betty's still wanting FOOD!!!!!  So I guess I'll get up and get going.
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