Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So I gave my laps plan a go today at the pool and it worked out great!  I was able to do 25 mins with only a few 30 second stops along the way.  (I do not know why it was so difficult on Saturday when I tried. Oh well.)  The pool was packed so I did 5 mins of resistance strength work and then called it a day.

But the laps are good. I listened to moth podcasts and concentrated on stretching and pulling and just getting from one end of the pool to the other and then again.  It was nice and fun and I plan to do it again.


Ever since I looked up that old boyfriend, I've been indulging in little glimpses of what could have been. I could be the one dining at those fancy dinners with the jaw clenching Connecticut crowd.  While it's likely I would not be the 100 pounds overweight that I am now, I still would NOT be wearing a one shouldered sequined number, I promise you. Seriously, I came so close to signing up for that life that it scares me to think about it.

On the up side, it gives me far more reason to love my current life even more!  Man, did I ever get lucky.


So to celebrate, I'm having a bacon cheeseburger with barbecue potato chips for lunch.
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