Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ohhhh weird coinkidink

I just got a link from my brother...

The obit of his second wife that he just stumbled over.  He got a wild hair to google her today and discovered that she died last week.  Wild.

She was really pretty and very nice and very smart and my parents hated her. She was not wild about my brother's kids (two boys in their early teens).  She and my bother were both Navel Officers at the time.

They got married in a very small little ceremony in Rhode Island.  Seems like they kept it a secret from my parents and only told me (in the family).  I lived in Connecticut at the time so I grabbed my current significant other and we hightailed it up the turnpike.

EDIT:  He just reminded me that the quickie wedding was because their assignments were about to change and if they didn't get married, they might be assigned to different ends of the earth.  They had a church wedding with full family later.


My boyfriend, Fran, Bill, Me

Those were my sewing days - I made the dress I'm wearing.

Wonder what felled her at age 53?
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