Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What Happens If

kayre asked me a great question on my heart attack entry and I'm using it to spawn a whole entry of its own.

I have two webcams turned on this living room which are totally public. So, anyone reading this can see if I'm dead :).

My brother (Bill Schubert) has one of those webcams up on a monitor in his shop ( so he and his staff see me every day and knows if I'm missing or broken.

My neighbor, Ann, keeps a close eye out and pops in a couple of times a week and/or anytime she thinks I'm not where I'm supposed to be.  She has a key to get in and she knows how to care for Zoey and Betty until my brother can make arrangements.  He has a deep love of animals and will make sure they get a wonderful home.

My brother has my passwords to everything and I am religious about keeping them up to date. He can get into all bank accounts, all email and this journal and everything else in my life.  He's the executor of my will, has my medical and financial power of attorney, and is my beneficiary.  In fact, should I meet with fowl play, check him first!!!

He knows I do not want any kind of extra ordinary actions taken to keep me from death. He also knows that I do not care if there is a funeral for me or a memorial service or if my body goes to science or the dogs or is fried up.  It's up to him and I hope he does what is easiest for him.

Am I missing anything?
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