Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done!

Class this morning was ok. Nothing particularly wrong, I just wasn't into it for some reason. But, the nice thing about swim classes, there's something about being in the pool that just says 'aw, you're already in, just ride it out' and I do!

After class, I couldn't think of any brunch place I was really into and then I remembered that delicious ham in my fridge and planned a nice egg and ham breakfast to make when I got home and went on to Safeway.  There, I found several exceptional deals on meat and the carnivoire in me just pigged right out.  Pun intended.

Once home, I had my delicious breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen and got into meat packing mode.  I wrapped it all up into single servings and stuck it in the freezer.  22 dinners - beef and pork - $45 bucks - not too freakin' bad.  And some of the cuts were too big for one meal and two small for two so there will be leftover lunches as well.  Quite the deal, I think.  My freezer is full.

And I'm ready for some mindless tv and bear knitting.  Oh, I just remembered I haven't seen this week's Project Runway yet.
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