Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I can't help but feel sorry for the family of those two boys. Not only have they lost one son, their lives will now be shredded beyond comprehension. I am relieved that that the only question left about the marathon bombings is why and that there is a chance to maybe find that out since one of the bombers is still alive.  But, I am still disconcerted by the celebrations and dismayed by the speculations involving foreign conflicts and the hit that faithful, peaceful Muslims have taken again.

Here's hoping the weekend will enable everyone to take a deep breath and get a grip.


Me? I'm going to the pool. Of course. My class this morning is at 8:30.  Yesterday's class was good.  My thigh was still really sore and difficult to walk on but my foot did not cramp up at all.  Today my thigh is MUCH better.  I think I'm going to live.

Yesterday I got to the pool early so I decided to do some laps.  Near the end of the second one, I was hardly able to make it to the wall... WTF?  Then I realized that the laps were twice as long as in the other pool.  My regular pool has the shallow end separated so the lap length is half or less.  Interesting how much more effort the longer laps take.  I'm going to get in there a little early today and do more laps and see if I can get in more than two!


After swim, I may go find some breakfast and there's definitely a Safeway stop but that's probably it.  The laundry needs to be put away and the kitchen is a mess.

There is a Monster Supercross going on at the football stadium from noon to 10:30. This means the 'hood will be jammed with boys who's focus is not on watching for cars or being mindful of others.  (I know this from past Supercross events.)

It turns out to be a lovely time to be inside, 4 floors up with the doors closed.

Happily, I'm fine with that.
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