Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My NPR station woke me up with the news from Cambridge.  I'm used to the News from Cambridge being the gardening and peaceful Summer reports from jwg and rsc,  Really disconcerting first thing in the morning and 3,000 miles away.

I popped over to Google+ and read a few entries until I got to one from NBC linking to the interview with the uncle.  The only comment so far there was from a lovely looking white woman from Australia.  Her comment was stupid and hateful and totally unnecessary.  I quit reading Google+.

I have not turned NPR off but I think I'm minutes away from doing that.  My news junkie-ism is getting worn out.

I'm always astounded by people who live lovely lives without news reports.  My swimming buddy, Judith, just came back from Dallas, Texas where she was visiting family.  I asked her if she heard the West explosion.  She not only had not heard it, she knew nothing about it.  "I heard about the marathon news..."



My foot that had such a bad cramp is way better. I slathered it with arnica gel and it didn't even wake me up once.  Nice.  I'm prone to foot cramps anyway but I have to be very careful in the pool or they will turn to painful stone. I had thought that I should stay out of the pool today and let the bad foot relax but now I'm thinking that won't be necessary.

I could go do laps at the pool a couple of miles from here at 11 or I can wait and go to class (with the very wonderful teacher) at the pool 20 mins from here at 1:30.  I'm leaning now towards the class.


Other than that, the only thing on the agenda here is laundry. Time to turn this news off and get doing something.
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