Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Day After

After all my work yesterday afternoon, everything was sore.  Then I remembered drugs.  I took two Ibuprofen and by dinner I was actually quite fine. Better than usual actually.  Then there was the ballgame. It was a tough game.  And it went until 11:30.

I did not sleep well.  I did something to my foot yesterday and while I often have foot cramps, last night this one foot, if I moved it a certain way CRAMPED badly.  Over and over again.  This morning I discovered that in addition to my foot being sore, one of my thighs - other leg - is also bitching about something.

I only got one blood bruise and it was NOT only nearly healed hand.  It's a bad one but it's only one.  One looks much better than four or five on one hand. So I consider that a victory.

And then I spied the pretty curtains this morning and the new litter cover and all is better.


At the risk of tempting a karmic backlash...  There has been no pooping outside the box in many weeks.  The living room box is now as big as the one a the other end of the house and everyone seems to like it.

No more hairballs or throwing up from Zoey.  She's eating mostly dry food - hairball control food.  And seems happy about it.

Betty is still throwing up but not food. About every other night - and, only at night (usually about 4ish). Thanks to fyremaven, I knew to look for hair.  Last night she threw up on the bed. I woke up to a small wet spot with...yes... hair.  So this morning she got a fine does of hairball stuff in her wet food which already has a nice dose of pumpkin.  The pumpkin has helped her poop tremendously. So now I can focus on the hair and see if we can get her 100%.


Today I have a swim class at noon.  I hope my crampy foot behaves itself.  I have trouble with foot cramps in the pool on a good day.  Maybe a good swim is just what it needs.  Worst case, I'll have to get out of the pool early.  Worth a shot.

The baseball game is this afternoon.  We need to get those stupid Detroit Tigers out of town. They are just too good. After today, the next 6 games are in Texas which means the games are two hours earlier.  Nice.


My NPR stations end the news at 9 so I have Hawaii Public Radio on one of my radio buttons.  The news is the same but the bits between the news are so Hawaiian and so different than what my ears of used to.


The building manager told me yesterday that the guy who owns the condo below me is selling.  He bought it about the same week I bought mine. He lived there for about 12 years, then moved to the center of town and has rented it out since then.  The guy he rents it to has a cooker on his terrace and, in the summer, usually cooks what sure smells like truck tires. I will not miss Smelly Cooker.

Scott said that several folks who rent their units are getting ready to sell.  I really wish we did not allow rentals at all. We do severely limit the number but none would be best. Right now there are no units for sale. Two realtors have sent letters to all of us in the past couple of weeks asking us to consider selling.

I like the trend. Now if my investments would trend back up.  I've lost a bundle this past week in my investments. I know the loss is not a net loss and stuff will bounce back but I like the green nums way better than the red.
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