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Cigarette Time

I remember when I first quite smoking, I was doing projects around the house and realized that I was exhausted because I hadn't had a smoke break!  My questions that day was How Do Non-Smokers Do This??!!!  I still don't know.

Well, I guess, I do.... this is my smoke break.

I got to IKEA and I found what I wanted.  Well, close to what I wanted.  I wanted VERY long semi-heavy to heavy curtains without gromets in beige or wheat or some other color - like the ones I had but cleaner and not moldy.

I found some that were not as heavy which is ok.  Certainly long enough but no light colors.  Only purple and navy.  Probably navy would have been a better color choice but, of course, I went with purple.

I got them up.  Tom, the maintenance guy, asked if I wanted him to help me bring up the ladder.  HOLYFUCK YES, PLEASE!    The ladder is really steady so I felt ok getting up and down and could get up high enough to reach without killing my arms.

They really darken the living room and I think if I had my druthers, I'd rather they didn't but I suspect I will really appreciate it when it gets hot so no biggie.  I need to get back up and redo one side.  I had to compensate because they are too long.  I got one side perfect but I over corrected on the other.  I'm exhausted and I'd leave it but I know it would bug the shit out of me and I have the ladder....

So after my 'smoke' break, I'm going back up.  Hmmm smoke break is over...
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