Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Poor Burglar

My swimming friend Madeline was not in class last Thursday.  When she doesn't tell use ahead of time that she won't be there, I get on her case. I tell her that I check the obits on the days she misses.  Today she showed up and said that she had tried to call me 'so you wouldn't get your knickers in a knot when I wasn't here' - turns out she had the wrong number but...

Also turns out that while she was in swim class last Tuesday, her house was broken into!  She lives by herself - well with her cat, Molly, in a single family home.  And when she got home from swimming her back door was open.  She said they totally tossed the place but went away nearly empty handed.  They got her 13" flat screen TV.

They dumped out all her jewelry and took none.  "I had my cellphone, cash and credit cars with me.  I don't have a computer or a tablet or any games - even my pack of 52 playing cards probably only has 51."

She was a little annoyed that they did not take her answering machine.  "I would not have minded having to get a new one."

We laughed about what a crappy day that poor burglar had. I hope the word gets out in the burglar community that she's got squat and maybe they will leave her alone forever.
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