Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am the first person to bitch about news coverage.  I naturally zero in on typos, grammatical errors, stupid thoughts and ideas expressed out loud and called news...  But, I have to say that I think, the news people are getting better.  I watched Boston on the news from the time it came on yesterday through about 8 pm last night and then, this morning, listened to another 2 hours of it.

The coverage is still done and over done and I'm getting weary of hearing the same stuff so I won't be tuning in much any more until something new happens BUT, I focused on CNN, NBC, and NPR.  And stayed interested.  I was impressed.

I do hope and wish they figure out what happened and who did it quickly. No group deserves being bombed but half dressed exhausted people and their friends just seems more mean.


Sheri, the designer, thinks she's found the drapes for my terrace.  At IKEA.  But she doesn't have exact records and the width does sound off so I think a trip to the store to check them out in person is advised. I could go just about any day this week.  I got nothing on the agenda.  Maybe I'll hit the pool tomorrow at 11 and then go after.  There's a Popeye's Fried Chicken semi near IKEA and that would make a nice lunch with leftovers.  I think I have a plan... for tomorrow.


Today I have swim class at noon. And a baseball game tonight.  And that's it.

Betty has had breakfast with seconds and is watching me from the hallway.  Zoey eats about 1/4th of the tablespoon of wet food that I give her. She's done and now on her blanket.  When I removed the carrier from the bathroom back when she first got here, I folded up the fleece blanket that was inside of it and left it on the floor to get later.  She claimed it and that's where she spends her mornings while I'm sitting here on the bed playing with the computer.

Time now to interrupt the rhythm and get up and get dressed and get this day really going.
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